40th Annual Symposium

Hosted by the Chiricahua Desert Museum


The Chiricahua Desert Museum opened to the public on April 1, 2009.  To date, the Museum displays over 60 species of wildlife, including among the rarest and most endangered species native to the Chihuahuan Desert. 


Our art gallery showcases the works of many well-known and respected artists, including original paintings from the celebrated wildlife artist, Tell Hicks. Many of Tell’s prints are available in our gift shop and online here.  The gallery also displays the largest collection of herpetological art in the world, representing a diverse array of media—sculpture, jewelry, pottery, and original oil, acrylic and sketched works. 

Our wildlife and botanical garden provides ample opportunity to intimately observe and photograph native wildlife in natural settings. The garden is open to everyone for a leisurely stroll, an afternoon of bird watching, or some quiet time among the desert’s wild inhabitants.



July 19-22, 2017!

Meeting Location:

NM 80  & Portal Road
Rodeo, NM  88056

575-557-5757  or 575-545-5307
Fax 575-557-7575

The Chiricahua Desert Museum is located at
New Mexico highway 80 and Portal Road in
Rodeo, NM  88056

At US 10 exit 5 go south at Road Forks
28 miles to the Portal Road. 

Transportation: We highly encourage guests to arrive and depart from the Tucson airport (TUS).  There will be shuttle service available to the CDM from the Tucson airport.  The shuttle will leave the Tucson airport at 12:00pm on Wednesday.  The shuttle will return to the Tucson airport at 10:00am on Sunday. **You must RSVP at least 5 days before the shuttle departs to Bob and Sheri Ashley ecoorders@hotmail.com

We also encourage attendees to coordinate shared rental cars for transportation and herping opportunities!

Please contact IHS Secretary, Bill Turner, for rental share coordination: bturner@bio.fsu.edu

Lodging information

*****Accommodations in Rodeo are all booked at this time, please check out these hotels in Lordsburg, NM (~40 miles from CDM)

Coronado National Forest, 1396 W Piedra Blanca Ln, San Simon, AZ 85632

Full Registration rate is $175/person, including symposium, banquet, and icebreaker; for registered students there is a Student Registration rate including symposium, banquet, and icebreaker for $140. Daily registration is $65 for symposium only (does not include banquet).  PLEASE SEE REGISTRATION PAGE TO REGISTER