IHS Grant Winners

IHS Grant Winners


2012     Dustin Rhodes (University of Mississippi) – Conservation Biology     

Transpecos ratsnake study


2012     Deb Pandey – Education

Attitudes, knowledge and awareness of snakes and snake bites among Chitwan National Park buffer zone people: implication for conservation and public health in southern Nepal


2013     Michelle Thompson (Florida International University) – Conservation Biology

Diversity of amphibian and reptile community assembly in tropical secondary forest: the interaction between functional traits and environmental characteristics


2013     Kyle Hesed (University of Maryland) – Natural History

Natural History of the Red-Backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus): Sex-Biased Dispersal, Kin Selection, and Mating System


2014     Jerry Fife – Captive Propagation

Genetic Testing of Galapagos Tortoises in the Private Sector


2014     Nelson Melendez (St. Joseph’s University) – Natural History

Diet of Bog Turtles (Glyptemys muhlenbergii): Diet comparison from populations found in Northern and Southern New Jersey


2014     Brad Lock (Zoo Atlanta) – Conservation Biology     

Conservation Genetics and Population Surveys of Threatened Endemic Reptiles in Guatemala


2014     Shailendra Singh (TSA/India) – Education

Promoting nature conservation awareness among urbanites of Lucknow and adjoining cities through Kukrail Guided Nature Tour (KGNT)


2015     Drew Foster (Phoenix Zoo) – Captive Propagation   

Yuman Fringe-toed Lizards at the Phoenix Zoo: Captive Propagation and an Investigation into Temperature Sex Determination in the Species


2015     Rachel Rhymer (California State University, Northridge) – Natural History     

Determining the Role of Maternal Care in an Argentinean Lizard


2015     Courtney Miller (University of New Orleans) – Conservation Biology

Distribution of the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) in amphibians in a major biodiversity hotspot in Cameroon


2015     Shailendra & Arunima Singh (TSA/India) – Education

Turtles in the Schools


2016     Ellen Bronson & Amy Rifkin (Maryland Zoo in Baltimore)Captive Propagation

Bioaccumulation of Itraconazole


2016     Alexander Shepack (Southern Illinois University) – Conservation Biology –1st Place     

Back from the brink: rebounding amphibian populations in a pathogen enzootic environment


Kristina Chyn (Texas A & M University) – Conservation Biology  2nd Place

Effects of roads on endemic Taiwan reptiles and amphibians


2016     Sean C. Sterrett, Evan H.C. Grant, & Chris Sutherland (Pennsylvania State University & U.S. Geological Survey) – Education

Integrating science and society: Improving public awareness about the link between climate change and

local conservation issues using terrestrial salamanders as a model system


2016     Deb Prasad Pandey (Tribhuvan University) – Natural History

Food spectrum of Common Krait (Bungarus caeruleus): an implication for snakebite prevention and

biodiversity conservation


2017     Ellie Milnes & Pauline Delnatte (Toronto Zoo) – Captive Propagation

A Pilot Study Using Laboratory-Raised Hematophagous Triatomine Bugs for Low-Stress Minimally-

Invasive Blood Sampling of Zoo Reptiles and Amphibians


2017     Sophia Larsen & Adam Brandt (St. Norbert College) – Natural History

Toll-like receptor gene diversity in turtles (Order: Testudines) and implications for disease resistance.


2017     Alexandra Vlk (State University of New York – College at Oneonta) – Conservation Biology

Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) Nesting Ecology, Mating Behavior, and Genetic Diversity in Disturbed

and Undisturbed


2017     Akwasi Anokye (Threatened Species Conservation Alliance) – Education

Mitigating Human-Crocodile Conflicts: A Bottom-up Approach in the Obuasi Municipality, Ghana


2018     Kinsey M. Brock (University of California, Merced) – Natural History

Causes and Consequences of Color Polymorphism in an Endemic Island Lizard


2018     Adam G. Clause (University of Georgia) – Conservation Biology

Dragons in the Mist: Species Discovery and Cloud Forest Conservation in a Biodiversity Hotspot


2018     Arun Kanagavel (Conservation Research Group, Kochi) Education

Busting the myth of consumption of threatened endemic chelonians for curing hemorrhoids in Kerala, India