IHS Grant


Applications accepted beginning January 1, 2019 

The International Herpetological Symposium (IHS) has established a grant program to provide financial assistance to individuals or organizations conducting herpetological research, conservation, and education. Proposals are due by April 30 of each year, and recipients are announced by September. Grants are available annually in amounts up to $1000 and will be awarded to applicants whose projects represent a significant contribution to herpetology in one of the areas listed below:

  • Herpetological Natural History

Proposals in this category should address new field research in areas such as population ecology, behavior, and life history strategies of amphibians or reptiles.

  • Herpetological Conservation Biology

Proposals in this category should address new research on threatened, imperiled, or a surrogate for such amphibian or reptile species, or the phenomena that affect the maintenance, decline, and restoration of their natural habitat.

  • Captive Propagation

Proposals in this category should address research in captive behavioral studies or new techniques in captive maintenance and breeding of amphibians or reptiles.

  • Herpetological Education

Proposals in this category should address starting and/or maintaining an educational program pertaining to amphibians or reptiles at a facility available to the public, such as a zoological park, school, or community center.

The total number of grants awarded will depend solely upon the balance of the dedicated grant fund in any given year. The IHS Grant Fund is made available through the fundraising efforts of our annual Silent Auction and dedicated donations. Over $18,000 has been provided to worthy projects since 2012.

Applicants may be anyone from the herpetological community. Recipients will have to agree to the following CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE:

  • Recipients will be required to present their findings at a future symposium, either in person or via poster at their own expense.
  • Information gained from the project must be made available to the public.
  • IHS, Inc. must receive a summary or final report by the dates indicated. Include a summary of project objectives or methods used, conclusions, recommendations and a statement of expenses.
  • IHS will be acknowledged as a sponsor in any printed materials produced as a result of the project (copy of the IHS logo can be available upon request)
  • All research must abide all local, state and federal laws, and any research involving live animals must adhere to regulations listed under the USDA Animal Welfare Act.
  • IHS grants do not pay for overhead of any kind.

Instructions to Applicants
Please download the following PDF file for application information.