JR Herper Awards 2017

Fig. 9

Congratulations to our Jr. Herper Award Winners!

Ages 12-15

Winner: Andrew Gonzalez (San Gabriel, California) “Western Fence Lizards: Superheroes of Herpetology”

Runner Up: Grace Taracka (Port Townsend, Washington) “Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox) and Roundups”

Runner Up: Hana Leonard (Rougemont, North Carolina) “Natural History/Conservation of the Southern Hognose Snake”

Runner Up: Scout Aulenbach (Lilburn, Georgia) “Dragon Tails” (Komodo Dragons)


Ages 16-18

Winner: Lauren Taracka (Port Townsend, Washington) “Western / Boreal Toads (Anaxyrus boreas boreas)”

Runner Up: Katie Karl (Chatham, Illinois) “The Timber Rattlesnakes’ Crisis – When Deadly Species Become Endangered”

Runner Up: Kaeden Miller (Maumee, Ohio) “Mata Mata: So Nice They Named it Twice”

Runner Up: Avi Ackermann (Plano, Texas) “The Natural History and Conservation of Sphenodon


Ages 19-22

Winner: Neil Balchan (Canada) “Equis: A Panamanian Perspective on Bothrops asper

Runner Up: Michaela Wiersema (San Benito, Texas) “The Herpetoculture of Indotestudo forstenii



Fig. 8. Jr Herp