Photo Contest


A.)   This contest is open to all registered attendees, age 18+, of the current International Herpetological Symposium to show off your best herpetological photography.  There is no charge to enter.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each of the 3 categories described below.  In addition, a Best in Show will be chosen among all the entries.

B.)   Photographs must be submitted as prints (not slides / transparencies) in 8” x 10” size, or larger.  Stiff backings on photos (so they can be wall-mounted or displayed) are encouraged, but not necessary.  You must be the photographer; you may not enter pictures that you did not take.  All entries must have never been published by date of entry (books, magazines, journals, calendars, etc.).  Unpaid use of entered pictures on websites is permitted.  Color and/or black & white pictures are acceptable.  Failure to adhere to all photo contest rules will disqualify you.

C.)   You, the photographer, may submit a photo in any of the following 3 categories:

  1.    IN THE FIELDThe emphasis is on reptiles and amphibians in the wild.  Images should be of the animal and taken in the animal’s natural habitat.
  2.    IN  CAPTIVITY — The emphasis is on captive reptiles and amphibians.  Images should illustrate aspects of husbandry, breeding, and/or exhibit.
  3.    PEOPLE  &  HERPS — The emphasis is on (safe) human interaction with reptiles and amphibians.  Images should include both animal and human.  No free-handling venomous.

PLEASE clearly list which of the above 3 categories your picture is intended to compete in.

D.)   Up to 5 images may be submitted in each of the 3 categories by each contestant.

E.)   The judging emphasis will be on technical merit, the fascination/rarity of the subject shown, and artistic appeal.  Images must be clear and in focus.  It is photographic skill and creativity that counts here, not fancy photo gadgetry.

F.)   Your name, email address, and telephone number must be attached to each entry.  You should also list what species is depicted (scientific and common name), where the photo was taken (no GPS coordinates), and photo competition category.  ALL information must be attached to the back of your picture(s).

G.)   Images will be judged by IHS board and designee(s).

H.)   All photo entries must be turned into the I.H.S. registration table by 12:00 noon on Saturday to be eligible for the contest.

I.)   All images will be displayed at the symposium all day Saturday and will be judged between noon and the end of the day.  Contest entrants may retrieve their pictures anytime after the end of the presentations on Saturday.  Photographers are encouraged to donate their prints, tax deductible, to the IHS Live Auction. All funds raised from donated prints will be dedicated to  the IHS Photo Contest and IHS Junior Photo Contest.

J.)   A cash prize ($100) will be awarded in each of the 3 categories, plus a Best in Show cash prize ($200).  All photo contest winners will also receive free registration and banquet for IHS the following year ONLY. This prize is non-transferrable to another person or another year (e.g., a winner at 2018 IHS will receive Registration and Banquet for 2019 IHS for the photographer only).  *IHS reserves the right to utilize the winning images in future publications (program covers, etc.) or on social media, with photo credit given to the photographer.


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