Thank you to our 2016 International Herpetological Symposium Sponsors:

Timberline Live Pet Foods and Todd Goodman
ZOO MED and Gary Bagnall

Ken Foose of Exotic Pets Las Vegas
Bob and Sheri Ashley of ECO
North American Reptile Breeders Conferences (NARBC)
Russ and Fionnuala Gurley
John Mack of Reptiles by Mack
Mark and Kim Bell of Reptile Industries, Inc.
Southern Nevada Herpetological Society
Jeff Barringer and KINGSNAKE.com
Wayne Hill and the National Reptile Breeders Expo
Drew Rheinhardt and James Badman of the Phoenix Reptile Expo
East Texas Herpetological Society
Gwen Becker (in memory of Bill Becker)
Robyn Markland
Bethany Gerstner

Without the generous financial support of these sponsors, the International Herpetological Symposium (IHS) would be less than it is. Sponsors allow IHS to attract speakers, fund the small grants program the IHS Junior Herpetologist Award program, fund extra activities, rent meeting spaces and AV equipment, produce the program and other printed materials, and make the Ice Breaker one of the most exciting social gatherings of the year.

Please support these wonderful sponsors and share their work with your friends!

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