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The first Symposium of Captive Propagation and Husbandry of Reptiles and Amphibians was held in June 1976. That inaugural meeting at Hood College in Frederick, MD, eventually evolved into what we know today as the International Herpetological Symposium (IHS).


Each year the IHS is held in a different location and hosted by a zoological, herpetological or herpetocultural institution. Its purpose is two-fold:

  1. To provide an annual symposium for the dissemination of information and research pertaining to the natural history, conservation biology, captive management and propagation of amphibians and reptiles

  2. To build a community open to all individuals who are interested in reptiles and amphibians and provide a platform that fosters the exchange of ideas and information

Individuals from all areas of herpetology and herpetoculture are involved in the planning of each event, and all are invited to attend.

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OPENS 1/1/23 

Secure your spot for our July 25-28, 2023 symposium in Chicago, Illinois

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Since 1983 we have been compiling the information shared at each IHS symposium. These reports have been scanned, digitized and archived for your reference and perusal.

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