IHS 2021

43rd meeting of the IHS 

July 21

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7:00pm-10:00pm     IHS Ice Breaker and Registration 

                                  Join us for a socially distanced event outside. Complimentary Pre-packaged snacks, water, tea, coffee, and beer. Bagged meals                                        available for purchase. 

July 22

9:00am-9:10am         OPENING REMARKS: IHS President, Jennifer Stabile 


9:10am-9:40am           Andrew Durso, Ph.D.                                              Florida Gulf Coast University 

Remote                           That's Not a Copperhead Either! (Mis-)Identification of Snakes in a Citizen Science Challenge


9:40am-10:10am         Mark Mandica, M.S., Tobias Landberg Ph.D.       The Amphibian Foundation 

Remote                           New Routes into Herpetology: The Amphibian Foundation’s Conservation Research Bridge Program


10:10am-10:40am       Rachel Pikstein, M.S.                                      Grand Canyon University 

In-person                         Studying Morphological Selection in a Grand Invasion; How Tegu Lizards Can Teach Lessons in Evolution,

                                     Ectotherm Adaption, & Conservation


10:40am-11:00am       COFFEE BREAK (complimentary)


11:00am-11:30am       Sarah Goodnight                                           East Carolina University 

Remote                            Effects of Halipegus spp. parasite infection on vocalizations and dispersal of the green tree frog Hyla cinerea


11:30am-11:50am       Ellen Bronson, med. vet., Dipl. ACZM                 Maryland Zoo Baltimore 

Remote                           Pharmacokinetics of single and multi-dose transdermal itraconazole in the liver and skin of the 

                                     Panamanian golden frog (Atelopus zeteki)


11:50am-12:10pm       Dr. Shailendra Singh, Arunima Singh                  Turtle Survival Alliance: India/ Wildlife Conservation Society

Remote                           Imparting River Reptile Conservation Education at Kukrail Gharial Rehabilitation Centre, India


12:10pm-1:40pm         LUNCH (on your own)


1:40pm-2:00pm           Hiral Naik                                                   Save The Snakes

Remote                           Assessing human-snake conflict in Hoedspruit using education tools to create awareness


2:00pm- 2:20pm          Sheri Ashley                                                 Chiricahua Desert Museum

In-person                         The Chiricahua Desert Museum History and Beginnings


2:20pm-2:45pm           Adam G. Clause, Ph.D.                                   Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Remote                           Helping dragons and people: Discovery of a remarkable new lizard species facilitates applied 



2:45pm- 3:00pm         Kyle Miller Hesed                                          Hesston College

Remote                          Population biology of the Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) at a site in Maryland


3:00pm-3:20pm          COFFEE BREAK (complimentary)


3:20pm- 3:40pm         Warren Booth                                               University of Tulsa 

In-person                        Facultative Parthenogenesis in reptiles: A Review


3:40pm- 4:10pm         Michael McFadden                                         Taronga Zoo 

Remote                          Securing the Future of Australia’s Most Threatened Amphibian Species

4:10pm- 4:50pm         María Elena Barragán-Paladines                       Fundación Herpetológica Gustavo Orcés

Remote                           Notes on the first breeding record of the Lesser toad-headed turtle, Mesoclemmys gibba (Schweigger, 1812), in captivity in Ecuador


6:30pm-7:30pm          IHS Board Meeting (CLOSED MEETING: Board Members Only)


8:00pm-9:00pm          Memorial for Former IHS President Ken Foose        Bob Ashley, Chiricahua Desert Museum 

July 23

9:00am-9:40am          Heather Barrett and BFREE Staff                         Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education

Remote                          Inspiring the next generation of turtle conservationists in Belize: Education and re-wilding actions during a pandemic


9:40am-10:00am        Rachel Tevis                                                  Chiricahua Desert Museum

In-person                        Managing the Live Collections at the Chiricahua Desert Museum                                   


10:00am-10:30am      Jerrod G. Tynes, M.S., M.Ed. & PAS                   University of North Texas at Dallas

Remote                          Teaching Herpetology in a Virtual Environment - Preparing our next generation of Herpetologist in the world of COVID 


10:30am-10:50am      COFFEE BREAK (complimentary)


10:50am- 11:35am     Dave Barker                                                 Vida Preciosa International, Inc.                                       

In-person                         How Not to Give a Snake Talk


11:35am- 11:50am     Sean Sterrett                                                 Monmouth University

Remote                          SPARCnet: A geographically and intellectually distributed network focusing on population dynamics and adaptation

                                    of Red-Backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus)


11:50am- 12:10pm    Kristina Chyn, Ph.D.                                        Texas A&M University

In-person                        Predictive roadkill models on native and endemic herpetofauna informed by community (citizen) science


12:10pm- 1:40pm       LUNCH (on your own)


1:40pm- 2:00pm         Michael Skibsted                                            Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                    In-person                        Effects of habitat alternation and co-occurrence with introduced red-eared sliders on a Southwestern pond turtle

                                    basking site usage in a Southern California urban creek


2:00pm- 2:40pm         Gary Sipperley                                                                          

In-person                        Herpetoculture Pioneering


2:40pm- 3:00pm          Dylan Maag, M.S.                                                  San Diego State University                                                       In-person                         Hybrid Field studies of Crotalus viridis X C. scutulatus population north of the Chiricahua Desert Museum

3:00pm- 3:30pm         Stephen P. Mackessy, Ph.D.                                     University of Northern Colorado                                               In-person                         Ecology and Natural History of the Prairie Rattlesnake, Crotalus viridis viridis, in Northeastern Colorado

** Special Post-Presentation Event: Book signing with Stephen P. Mackessy “Handbook of Venoms and Toxins of Reptiles”



6:30pm                       IHS Dinner Sponsored by the Chiricahua Desert Museum 

                           ****Admission to the CDM and Dinner included in registration****


7:30pm-9:00pm          Special Presentation: AN EVENING WITH ROM WHITAKER

Remote                          Romulus Whitaker, is the founder of the Madras Snake Park and Madras Crocodile Bank in India. He and like-minded colleagues set                                     up the Irula Snake-catchers Cooperative in 1978, Andamans Centre for Island Ecology in 1989 and Agumbe Rainforest Research                                        Station in 2005. His recognitions include the Whitley Fund for Nature Award, Rolex Award for Enterprise, Sir Peter Scott Award for                                        Conservation, Salim Ali Award for Nature Conservation, and Padma Shri Award from the Government of India. Rom co-authored is                                        the co-author of the book “Snakes of India – the Field Guide”. 

July 24

9:00am-9:30am            Saunders S. Drukker                                     Texas State University San Marcos

In-person                          Creating a Functional Body Condition Index (BCI) for Montane Rattlesnakes (Crotalus): Development and

                                      Plans to Implement a BCI in Analyses of Habitat Dynamics, Diet, and Wildland Fire

9:30am-9:50am            Kristen Wiley                                             Kentucky Reptile Zoo

Remote                            On a Mission: Thinking About Ethics in Herpetology

9:50am-10:20am          Tim Cole                                                   Rattlesnake Preservation Trust 

In-person                          LONESTAR RATTLESNAKE DAYS: Educational and fun for the whole family without animal cruelty 

                                      and poisoning our water table


10:20am-10:40am        COFFEE BREAK (complimentary)


10:40am-11:10am        Michelle E. Thompson                                   Field Museum of Natural History 

Remote                            Recovery of amphibian and reptile communities during tropical secondary forest succession


11:10am-11:40am       Kinsey M. Brock, Ph.D.                                 University of California 

Remote                            Evolving in isolation: population divergence in an island lizard color polymorphism


11:40am-12:10pm        Justin Elden                                               St. Louis Zoo 

In-person                           Mountain Jewels: Husbandry of Palearctic vipers at the Saint Louis Zoo and the Armenia Conservation Breeding Center


12:10pm-1:40pm          LUNCH (on your own)


1:40pm-3:00pm            Collegiate Speed Session


Remote                            Brooke Proffitt, Illinois State University: Parental Behavior in Oophaga pumilio (Strawberry Poison Dart frog)


In-person                          Calvin Schaefer, Truman State University: Habitat Use, Home Range Size, and Movement Rates in Two Sympatric

                                      Pitvipers (Crotalinae) in Far West Texas


Remote                            Arlene Hernandez, University of North Texas Dallas: The Efficiency of Scented Snake Bedding with Different Types of Substrates                                         for Pest Deterrence   


In-person                          Brian Ringhiser, West Liberty University: A Preliminary Analysis of Autecological Data for an Ongoing Study on the Northern                                             Watersnake, Nerodia sipedon sipedon, in a West Virginia Stream  

In-person                          Kaleb Hill, University of Northern Colorado: Don’t Bite the Mouth that Feeds You: Auto-    

                                      Resistance in North American Pit Vipers


3:00pm- 3:30pm          Grant Bassett                                           Texas State University  

Remote                            The Diet of the Rio Grande Cooter (Pseudemys gorzugi) in San Felipe Creek, Texas with an Isotopic Comparison to the Syntopic                                           Red-eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)


3:30pm-4:00pm            Andrew Holycross, Ph.D.                           Mesa Community College/Arizona State University 

In-person                          Snakes of Arizona: it took a village 

** Special Post-Presentation Event: Book signing with Andrew Holycross “Snakes of Arizona”


4:00pm                         CLOSING REMARKS: IHS President                                      



*****BANQUET ***** 

6:00pm-11:00pm         Beer at 6:00pm, Dinner served at 6:30pm


6:00pm-8:00pm           Banquet Entertainment 


8:00pm-11:00pm         Live Auction (please bring items!)                                           

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Bob and Sheri Ashley, Chiricahua Desert Museum - Local Hosts 

Erin Jackson- IHS Logo and T-Shirt Design 

Michael Smith- Author of The Wild Lives of Reptiles and Amphibians

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